My name is Thanh Nguyen, a software developer. I have been living in the U.S. for more than 7 years and really enjoying my life since then.

During the first year in the U.S., I started studying at Houston Community College in Houston (HCC), TX. In January 2014, I transferred to The University of Texas at Austin and graduated in May 2016.

Currently, I have been working for Apricity Health as a mobile developer for more than 4 months. I am really interested in Web and Mobile development; moreover, I am also expanding my knowledge to Artificial Intelligent and Network Security.

My Skills

Angular, HTML, CSS

80% 80% Complete


60% 60% Complete


80% 80% Complete


55% 55% Complete

Swift 2

65% 65% Complete


40% 40% Complete


68% 68% Complete

Database (SQL)

60% 60% Complete


There are not many projects here. With me, catching up with new culture is still taking me a little time besides the time I focus on studying. However, I believe 5 years is enough for it. A big plan is coming, and eventually, this place will be filled up with interesting projects.


IOS app

Hand Gesture Recognition

Python Application + OpenCV

AES 256

Java Application

IOS Driver

Java Application

Email Me: thanhnguyencs at outlook dot com